Eas/Eas-z – Open high-sided wagon with opening ends


Coal, coke and other bulk, free-flowing materials, not sensitive to climatic and environmental interferences.

Materials can be loaded by pouring or by using common mechanical means (belt conveyors, forklifts, van-mounted cranes, cranes, etc.)

The materials can be unloaded manually or mechanically (top, side doors, front flaps). The wagon construction also allows unloading on the front or rotary hopper.


Wagon underframe is a welded frame construction, made of rolled and shaped steel profiles and sheets. The wagon body is welded from rolled and shaped steel profiles and sheets, consisting of side walls fitted with two double-leaf doors and front flaps, which can be folded horizontally when the locking rod is released, or they can be removed.

The upper part of the wagon body forms welded side and front purlins. The opening width of each side door is 1800 x 1800 mm, the opening width of each front flap is 1700 x 2760 mm. Across the entire perimeter of the wagon body, there are meshes welded for fastening canvas. The floor of the wagon is made of 6 mm thick steel sheet.

The wagon is equipped with a pressurized air brake and a mechanical control brake, operated from the ground by a hand wheel from both sides of the wagon.


Wagon type
Eas Eas-z
Interval of numbers of wagon   5423, 5948 5954
Number of axles
  4 4
Exchange code   33 33
Length between buffers [m] 14,04 14,04
Weight of empty wagon [t] 23,5 23,5
  A[t] 41 41
  B[t] 49 49
Loading Capacity (for 90 km/h) C[t] 57 57
Wheel base of wagon [m] 9 9
Loading length [m] 12,8 12,8
Loading width [m] 2,76 2,76
Loading space [m2] 36 36
Loading height [m] 2,03 2,03
Loading volume [m3] 72 72
Type of bogie   Y25 Y25Cs