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TEAM RÚ HRABYNĚ finishes in an excellent 7th place!

The second year of the OPEL HANDY CYCLO MARATHON was held between 30. 7. – 3. 8. 2014 and was received with a tremendous acclaim and enthusiasm not only by participating athletes, but also by enthusiastic fans, who could watch the race on-line or be present at one of 24 waypoints across the Czech and Slovak Republic.

We also could be there and soak up the amazing atmosphere that reigned in RÚ Hrabyně. We wish to acknowledge a friendly welcome of the Rehabilitation Institute and thank them for the excursion in the RÚ premises, which are not common to see to the general public. It was a really great and unforgettable experience.

The second year of the race installed an amazing tradition in alliances of people, who have a sporting spirit, tremendous faith to overcome obstacles in life and make new friends without barriers…

We wish we could be there even in the year 2015!